The Navigation Pane

The Navigation Pane contains four navigational tabs: the Contents, Index, Search and Favorites tabs. These all provide different methods to access a topic in the help file.

  • The contents tab reveals a tree like table of contents, where you can navigate to the desired topic by opening and closing parts of the tree. You can even access the deepest sections using this TOC. If you right click on an item here and choose "Print...", you'll have the option to print the selected topic or the selected topic and all subtopics. However printing is not the initial goal of this representation of the manual (the PDF version is suitable for printing).
  • The index tab lists a huge number of "keywords" (actually manual page titles). You can pick one, or start to type a keyword, see the list adjusting to your input, and then click on a topic, or press enter if the selected topic is the one you would like to see.
  • The search tab shows one of the most powerful features of the HTML Help Viewer, the full text search (also known as FTS). Here you can type in your search expression, optionally connecting words with AND/OR/NEAR/NOT. Before you click 'List topics', you can also set some options at the bottom. After the search results are displayed, you'll realize that manual text and user note results are separated. To sort out the two types, click on the 'Location' column header. Now from the search results list, you can pick a topic, and see it's page. The keywords you searched for are highlighted on the page.
  • The favorites tab enables you to store your most used topics in a list, easily accessible. Here you can see the list, add the current topic to it, remove one, or display a selected item. You can also specify your own title for the favorite, by typing it into the 'Current topic:' box. The user note page titles are prepended with a 'N:' string so you can distinguish them from normal manual pages in the favorites listing.

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